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  • GDM Whey Isolate is formulated with 100% superior quality and clean Whey with grass fed whey protein powder sourced from Europe.
  • European sourced Advanced Whey Protein powder contains Isolate+ Hydrolyzed Whey for superior performance Cross flow microfiltered Whey Isolate Protein powder with low lactose helps to provide higher level muscle strength, endurance and unbeatable performance.
  • Fast digesting, smooth texture, no added sugar and banned substance free Extreme Whey is professionally designed for extreme performance.
  • High and Pure quality Whey Isolate
  • Added digestive enzymes
  • Banned Substance free
  • Support Muscle growth and Recovery
  • Superior Whey from Europe
  • Ultrafiltered, clean and fast acting formulated protein
  • Smooth texture, instant mixability with NO added sugar
  • Delicious creamy flavor
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  • Product Name / Brand Name 100% WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN POWDER
    Dosage Form POWDER
    Packing Type with Net Qty packed 500 GM / 1.5 KG /3 KG in HDPE Jar
    Available Flavour Chocolate, Coffee & Mango
    Product Category Gym Supplement
    Recommended usage Consume 30 minutes pre/post workout. If you are following a calorie-controlled diet, mix with water only to avoid adding extra fat and calories contained in milk.
    Direction of Use Add 1 scoop in a 200 - 300 ml of water or your favourite healthy beverage. Shake Well.
    Applicable People Adult, Men & Women
    Not Applicable People New-born babies. Teenagers, Children, Pregnant Women
    Storage Information Store in a cool and dry place below temperature 30 0C. Keep out of reach of children. Tightly closed the cap after every use.
    Shelf Life / Expiry Date 18 months from the date of manufacture.
    Veg / Nonveg info Apple Cider Manufacturer in India
    Other Information × Do not exceed the recommended daily dose × Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle × This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease(s) × FOOD SUPPLEMENT, NOT FOR MEDICINAL USE
    Manufactured by Manufactured in India by: GDM NUTRACEUTICALS LLP PLOT 293- 296, BLOCK 314, RAJHANS TEXPA, P.O. BALESHWAR, PALSANA, SURAT 394317 GUJARAT, INDIA FSSAI LICENSE NO.: 10721022000073
  • Price (FOB INDIA) Ex. Factory Email: for Prices and Freight
    MOQ 300 Pcs
    Primary Packaging Packed in Food grade HDPE or PET Jar
    Qty per Shipper Box 50 Jar Shipper
  • Production Capacity 5,000 HDPE Jar per Day
    Design We will prepare label & design as per your requirements
    Brand Your Brand & Logo
    Custom Label Available
    Place of origin INDIA
    Lead time 1-2 week after Payment & confirmed purchase order or as agreed
    Port of Loading Mumbai, India
    Transportation By air / By Sea / Courier Mode
    Payment TT / Credit card / LC at sight
  • Serving Size 30 g (1 Scoop)
    Total Servings 100 Servings per Jar (3 KG)
    Nutrients Nutritional value (Per 30.0 g/1 scoop) % RDA
    Energy 120 kcal 4.40 %
    Fat 0.50 g 1.67 %
    Protein 25.00 g 41.67 %
    Carbohydrate 1.20 g *
    Total Sugar 0.00 g *
    % RDA is based on man sedentary work s per ICMR. *Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) value not yet established.
    Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) (92%), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Cocoa Powder, Flavouring, Sweetener, Permitted Sweeteners and Permitted Flavours. Contains Added nature Identical Flavour.
  • Q.1: What is unique about GDM Whey Isolate? Ans 1: GDM Whey Isolate is formulated with Ultra - Filtration technology and is 100% premium quality whey protein with grass fed whey sourced from Europe. Q.2: How does GDM Whey Isolate help? Ans 2: GDM Whey Isolate helps in superior muscle gain, enhancing muscle strength & recovery, maximizing performance, building lean muscle and limiting muscle loss. Q.3: What is ultra-filtered whey? Ans 3: Ultra filtration technology provides pure quality whey protein by reducing impurities and other contents. It separates the whey complex by blocking whey proteins by size exclusion that helps to promote faster nutrient absorption and instant action with no GI discomfort. Q.4: Can anyone consume GDM Whey Isolate? Ans 4: Whey protein is essential in any nutrition regimen, irrespective of age or gender, providing a catalyst to the body for protein synthesis and muscle growth. Hence, GDM Whey Isolate can be consumed by both men and women who lead a physically active lifestyle, want to fulfil their daily protein requirement and want to maximise their workout. Q.5: What is different about GDM Whey Isolate as compared to other Whey supplement? Ans 5: GDM Whey Isolate is formulated with 100% clean and high-quality ingredients with grass fed whey protein sourced from Europe. Each scoop of 30.0g Whey Crucial is ultra - filtered to provide 25g protein with faster nutrient absorption and action with no added sugar and great taste. Q.6: What is the daily protein requirement? Ans 6: As per ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) the RDA for protein is 1.0 g/kg/bw/d for adults. Q.7: Can an athlete consume GDM Whey Isolate? Ans 7: Yes, it can be safely consumed by athletes as it is free from banned substances. Q.8: Does GDM Whey Isolate mix easily with beverages? Ans 8: Yes. It has a smooth, creamy texture and mixes easily with water or any other healthy beverages without forming any lumps or clumps. Q.9: How to consume this protein? Ans 9: Mix 1 scoop (30.0g) with 200-300ml water or healthy beverage/recipe, shake well and drink. Q.10: How many scoops can be consumed per day? Ans 10: A person can consume 1-2 scoops per day with water or smoothies or any other way as convenient or as recommended by the coach or trainer. Q.11: Does GDM Whey Isolate have any potential side effects? Ans 11: No, it does not have any known side effects and is very gentle on the stomach. Q.12: What is the minimum age to consume GDM Whey Isolate? Ans 12: Professional athletes and Bodybuilders above the age of 18 years can have GDM Whey Isolate. Q.13: Can it be consumed before bedtime? Ans 13: Yes, it is safe to consume before bedtime. Q.14: Does it contain any added sugar? Ans 14: No, it does not have any added sugar.